The project final report

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The CREEC-World Bank BEIA final report is online now. The report details the project right from inception to the final activities carried out. It canbe accessed here. BEIA project report.






Project Timeline

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You can now have a copy of the BEIA project in summary form here: BEIA project timeline. Enjoy



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Arua District in the West Nile region continues to be one of the leading MWOTO stove producing regions in the country because of three major tinsmiths. These tinsmiths have been able to establish a West Nile association that is uniting and helping tinsmiths build a strong MWOTO brand for effective marketing and promotion in the region. The three tinsmiths have been profiled below:

Ajiga Ashraf

  He is the vice president of Uganda MWOTO Stoves Association (UMSA) and the president of West Nile MWOTO Stoves Association (WNMSA). Ashraf used the BEIA- MWOTO close-out workshop platform in Lira to establish networks with tinsmiths and salesmen across the country. He now uses these networks to make work efficient by establishing selling points especially in theWest Nile region.

Ashraf also offers support to MWOTO stoves enthusiasts in the region. For example he offers training sessions for tinsmiths in Lira and neighbouring districts of Koboko, and Nwoya. He has specialised in making the standard MWOTO stoves for house hold use.

Contacts: +256-782106367

Jaja Rasur

        Jaja was the first tinsmith to take up the MWOTO stove making business in Arua. To date, he produces MWOTO stoves tailored to customers’ needs. Jaja makes MWOTO stoves for house hold and institutional purposes.

He has maximally utilised the UMSA platform to upgrade his business to a national level by embracing opportunities, sharing experiences and learning from MWOTO stove producers in other regions of the country.

Contacts: +256-782780367

Kumbuka Hussein

  Groomed by Jaja Rasur, Kumbuka picked interest in making the MWOTO stove at a very fast rate. This was during the time the promotion of MWOTO stove was starting to gain momentum. He was Jaja’s assistant but has now grown into an independent tinsmith who is taking MWOTO stoves production to another level.

Contact: He has no mobile contact but you can use Benson’s +256-775568565.

Benson is a distributor of MWOTO stoves.




Noah’s Ark Children’s Ministry gets MWOTO stoves

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CREEC’s two bioenergy assistants, a volunteer and the public relations officer visited Noah’s Ark Children’s Ministry and donated 6 MWOTO stoves to the home on Wednesday 27th March. Dorothy Lsoto, Sheila Nantambi, Lauren Harrof and Rehema Namukose respectively, visited this established community and home to over 200 children. The stoves were donated with the aim of promoting the use of improved cookstoves among the people of this community.

This donation is also a part of CREEC’s corporate social responsibility drive aimed at promoting clean, efficient modern types of cooking and enhance access to modern types of energy through sensitization. During this a give-away, cooks were also trained in MWOTO stove functionality basics through a cooking demonstration.

Peter Buitendijk, one of the founder and director of this great institution that includes a vocational wing was grateful to CREEC for donating the energy saving stoves. He is also interested in having the students learning hands on skills of how to make the stove and some of the fuels like briquettes. He is looking forward to working with CREEC in many other aspects of capacity building in renewable energy for the children of institution.

Noah’s Ark Children’s Ministry is non-profit organisation located about 3kms off the Mukono-Kayunga road in Mukono District. Some of the renewable energy technologies this institution uses include improved institutional stoves, biogas, and solar thermal energy.

CREEC hopes to expand further its corporate social responsibility project to as many institutions as possible with an objective of promoting easy ways of energy conservation among the people. They include use of improved cookstoves, promoting the use of alternative cheap methods of lighting like use of solar lamps among schools and also embracing green energy like biogas.




The MWOTO stove manual

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The MWOTO stove innovation continues  to change people’s lives in different ways. The tinsmiths continue to gain additional income by making MWOTO stoves. Salesmen and re-sellers also make profit through marketing the product and the consumer through usage. However, this innovation needs to be spread further . A manual that explains how the MWOTO stove innovation is made was developed by the BEIA-MWOTO team to assist people who are interested in learning how to make this stove especially tinsmiths or artisans in countries outside Uganda. Many people have expressed interest in learning how to make the MWOTO stove. We hope that the The MWOTO stove manual(click on that link) can be able to solve this problem. It expilicitly defines the steps, measurements and designs used in making the stove.

MWOTO stove up country give-aways

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As part of the awareness creation activities, the Mwoto stove marketing team continues to promote the stove through it awareness creation activities it is carrying out in Gulu, Mbarara and Arua districts through promotions on radios and give-away exercises on stations of Rupiny FM in Gulu, Radio West in Mbarara and Arua One FM in Arua district.

The campaign give-aways began at the beginning of September in these districts where stoves are given away to winners of daily questions asked of listeners. The MWOTO marketing coordinators officiated the last give a ways of September at these stations on 28th September 2012 in Gulu, Mbarara and Arua.

Arua One FM

MWOTO team’s Sheila Nantambi, a marketing coordinator in charge of Arua together with Benson Adega, the sales man and Ashraf Ajija, a tinsmith from Arua were hosted by Arua One FM on Friday 28th for the giveaway exercise. Winners came from as far as Congo and Southern Sudan; neighbouring districts of Moyo, Gulu, Koboko and Nebbi came to the radio station to pick their won MWOTO stoves.

The winners were impressed by the clean way the stove works with no smoke and yet it makes charcoal. This was after they were subjected to a brief cooking demonstration to illustrate to them how the MWOTO stove works. In addition; the MWOTO team was interviewed on Arua One FM about the MWOTO stove campaign.


Radio West FM

The MWOTO stove give-away in Mbarara was spearheaded by Dorothy Lsoto, the lead marketing coordinator in Mbarara, two tinmiths who were acting as salesmens on 21st September for the giveaway.

This team was later hosted at the station for an interview in which one of the winners participated. The interview was conducted in English with a Runyankole and Luganda mixture. The MWOTO stove winner  expressed gratitude to ideas behind the give-away because it has enabled them to use the great stove innovation that not only makes charcoal while cooking but also burns fuels cleans and very fast.


Rupiny FM in Gulu

Gulu area’s marketing coordinator Joshua Mutebi spearheaded the give-away exercise at Rupiny FM where five stoves were give out to winners.Joshua, a tinsmith from Gulu and one winner were hosted by Rupiny FM management on a show where they sensitized masses about the MWOTO stove innovation, how it works and its benefits to households and the environment at large.


MWOTO in Mbarara

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MWOTO in Mbarara

The MWOTO Marketing team navigated Mbarara town in a week long door-to-door marketing campaign from the 17th to 22nd of September. They visited Posta area, Police, Rwebikona, Bangutas, Agip, Kobil, Hass and Kulangawola street areas where they made cooking demonstrations to the people.

They also concentrated in taxi parks, bus parks, garages and central market areas where people were educated about the MWOTO stove technology, how it operates and some of its uses over other stoves.

The team consisted of marketing coordinators of Dorothy Lsoto, Sheila Nantambi and Joshua Mutebi, and salesmen that included a one Ali, Abudu and Samuel. Customers also got a chance to buy some MWOTO stoves from the team during the campaign.


BEIA-MWOTO Stakeholder’s Workshop

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CREEC’s Biomass Energy Initiative for Africa (BEIA) team, partners, MWOTO  tinsmiths, salesmen and distributor gathered for a three day Stakeholder’s workshop aimed at formulating means of how to sustain a MWOTO energy saving and healthy cooking innovation among communities for a better future.

The rather very interactive workshop that commenced on 22nd August was organized by CREEC at Lira Hotel attracting over 80 participants. Norah Muthike, the Guest of Honour and representative from Winrock International; a leading partner in the BEIA project appreciated all efforts by the organizers for bringing together all stakeholders to discuss ways of sustaining the project since biomass plays an important role in lives of the biggest percentage of local communities in Africa.

On behalf of all beneficiaries, Norah thanked World Bank for giving Ugandans an opportunity to come up with an innovation that will benefit communities.These remarks were made in reference to the debate directed at framing ways of sustaining the project even after World Bank funding comes to an end in September.

During the first day of the workshop, participants were taken through the BEIA-MWOTO stove journey right from its inception. In addition, presentations were made about the background of the TLUD technology, awareness creation MWOTO campaign, the stove functionalities and a cooking demonstration was carried out for participants.

The second day of the workshop was marked by a very interesting competition where each participating tinsmith showcased their MMWOTO stove product and winners were selected and awarded basing on quality, branding, design details and general presentation. The best seven participating tinsmiths were awarded with gifts and certificates.

The tinsmiths also benefitted from a business training done by Jed Musinguzi, a business development consultant in BEIA project in which they were taught basics of how to sustain the MWOTO stove business.  Issues like a business plan, recording keeping, and pricing setting factors for the product were raised through an interactive session.

The training that started on the second day lasted two days. Additionally, tinsmiths raised vital challenges that the training needed to address and find solutions.  The workshop gave birth to an association called Uganda MWOTO Stoves Association (UMSA) where tinsmiths, salesmen and distributors will base to form frameworks of how to sustain the project. All efforts that made this workshop a success are greatly appreciated.


MWOTO at Jinja Agric. show

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The MWOTO stove campaign team were part of hundreds of other exhibitors at this year’s Source of the Nile National Agricultural and trade Exhibition that ran from 23rd to the 29th of July at Jinja Show Ground. The trade show and exhibition was organised by Ugandan National Farmers Federation (UNF) in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries.

Staged under Makerere University’s School of Food Technology Nutrition and Bio-engineering’s tent, the MWOTO team created awareness about the  innovation and how it works.

Participants in the trade show ranging from school pupils, students to farmers and ordinary Ugandans were amazed by the magic of the stove that makes charcoal. Some few stoves that had been carried to the show grounds were sold off due high public demand. Nonetheless, the team was impressed by the reception from Jinja and is working on a chain supply system for Jinja and other neighbouring eastern districts.

The National Agricultural and Trade show is an annual event that was started way back in 1993, near the source of the Nile at Jinja. The show sets a platform for displaying and identifying innovations made by local and foreign companies through improved technologies for better production, marketing and poverty eradication.

See Pictorial

MWOTO at Kasangati Exhibition

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CREEC’s MWOTO team participated in a “Development Exhibition” at Kasangati Ssaza headquarters from 19th to 15th of July. This rather exciting exhibition was organised under the theme “Youth and cultural development, the hope of a better nation” and this saw various exhibitors from the private sector participate. They showcased arts and crafts, herbal products, wildlife like crocodiles among others.

The MWOTO team exhibited the stove amidst lots of wonder and enthusiasm from participants; they were taught how to use the stove by making cooking demonstrations and also selling so.

Although the participation in this exhibition was not very good during day time, the team made tremendous coverage about the innovation during the evening when people flocked the grounds for entertainment from local artistes and their perfomances.

The Chief Guest at the exhibition, the Katikkiro of Buganda was impressed by the MWOTO stove innovati, he encouraged the brains behind it to encourage the youth to take up such an opportunity.


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